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Pop Your Bubble: KIND Snacks Hopes to Open Minds, Promote Kindness, Brand Channel

This article reinforces why a business (and the people behind it) must have a greater purpose to what they do, make or provide.  It’s the bigger picture and the greater cause.  It’s more than just brand positioning and messaging.  It goes back to the importance of…..It’s not what you do as a business but “why” you do what you do.  This greater purpose (the why) can make a much larger impact (internally and externally.)  This is an important key element behind super successful businesses.



4 Strategies to Spark On-Demand Creativity, HubSpot

This is something I have always tried to voice to new people at the table. Everyone should feel confident in blurting out a bad idea. Own it. Because that is literally how we build and create catalysts for better ideas. If we don’t blurt ALL of the things that come into our heads— then they don’t get out of the way for the big, great ideas hidden in the back.

by Luke Rayson Brand Futurist/Art Director/Department of Artisans 



Screen Shot 2013-04-23 at 4.21.10 PMNot too long ago I spoke with a group of UNC Ad Club students who were interested in pursuing planning as a career. Many had been through internships in larger agencies where planner roles and related job titles varied widely. My take was that titles don’t really matter. They should find out what titles or group of people within the agency are responsible for strategy, and that’s where they should try to find a job. Strategists have a a keen perspective on the marketplace, the competition and the client’s business that are at the heart of effective planning.

That was all well and good, until someone asked, “Where does strategy come from?” At the time, I gave what I thought was a good answer about the process that leads to a good strategy. Looking back, this is what I should have said:

Developing a strategy is just like playing chess, driving home during rush hour or even coaching a football team. In theory anyone can do it, but early success is rare. Over time it becomes easier. Patterns emerge. Opportunities reveal themselves. Outcomes become more predictable.

In the end, Strategy comes from experience. It comes from the ability to process lots of seemingly unrelated information and identify a better solution, knowing there is always room to adapt and improve. Strategy comes from a mindset to outthink others. Bobby Fischer did it with chess. Bill Belichick does it on a football sideline. Where will you shine? What is your strategy?

by Dwayne Fry Brand Futurist/Minister of Strategy/Department of Idealists