University of South Florida college researchers built a motorized transport for wheelchairs, suitable for off-road adventures, including the beach. The vehicle secures to the user’s wheelchair, enabling a bird’s eye view of once unexplored territory.

“Just because someone’s handicapped, doesn’t mean they can’t experience all that life has to offer. Kudos to the USF team.”

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Google introduced a new browser this month offering users “improved speed and responsiveness, a more powerful JavaScript engine known as V8 and improved protection from ‘rogue’ sites.”

“While its functionality looks easy and well thought out, I feel they missed a great opportunity to add some sense of design to the overall look of the new site. To me it looks ‘corporate blue’.”

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“Georgia Tech researchers believe a magnetic, tongue-powered system could transform a disabled person’s mouth into a virtual computer, teeth into a keyboard – and tongue into the key that manipulates it all.”

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“Yeah, but can it make my kitty purr.”

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Think Batman is the stuff of comic strips and legend? Think again.

Researcher E. Paul Zehr, who authored the book “Becoming Batman…” believes it’s possible for such a human to exist (just like the comic book dude), at least with several years of specialized cross training and millions of dollars to back him up.

“You can leave your cape on… yo”

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Dubbed the “green” fireworks because they have been specially designed to cause little to no pollution, the Chinese-made fireworks for the Olympics could be the new standard, lighting up the skies for future celebrations worldwide.

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“That’s great there’s less pollution, but I would love to see the red or blue fireworks.”

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Salon uses tiny carp to rid feet of scaly skin in what is being hailed as the “fish pedicure”.

Fish eating dead skin? Nothing new here, but this new application is brilliant marketing. Countries throughout the Middle East have been using these fish for centuries to help heal skin afflictions like eczema and psoriasis. There are spas in Turkey where patrons pay to sit in hot natural springs to have their dead skin nibbled away by these fish, known as “doctor” fish. The fish love it (and, fear not, they only go after dead skin cells), the customers love it.

My guess is, the ladies-who-lunch in the U.S. are gonna eat this up.

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