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Screen Shot 2013-08-20 at 4.38.03 PMThe future arrives on our doorsteps every day as a new opportunity. So why is it that some of us seek to perpetuate the status quo when there is so much to gain from moving forward? This is the story of a valuable lesson relearned.

We recently met with the executives of a national association whose members are marketing organizations that sell travel-related products to the public. We have a service product that enables each of their members to understand customer-driven best practices, implement them and track their progress (rating) vs. the norm…something that currently isn’t being done. So rather than market directly to each member, our thought was to work with the association and provide a new benefit to their members.

All was good, except for the ratings part. They said: “Why would we want our members to compare themselves to one another?” Our answer was pretty simple: They already do. Everyday, everywhere on the Internet they are being reviewed and ranked. To make matters worse, the rankings and reviews are subjective and unreliable; where one person says 5-stars, another says 2-stars. By providing objective data and reviews as an alternative we can begin to balance the equation.

But they politely declined. In the end, personal agendas were more compelling than actual progress. In this case, the individuals involved were at the peak of their careers – a few years from retirement. In spite of clear benefits to their members, an agenda of change was not worth their personal risk.

Is your personal agenda in line with your professional agenda?

by Dwayne Fry Brand Futurist/Minister of Strategy/Department of Idealists


Up to now, everything here has been about change. Well, in the spirit of this blog, it’s now time for a big change. I’d like to write about the opposite of change – that is, not doing anything. Or, should I say, sticking to what you believe in, in spite of what everyone (pointed-headed experts included) tells you.

For years, everyone said Apple computer would die if they didn’t start selling to enterprise. For every consumer who buys a computer, the enterprise buys 50, they said.

Yet change didn’t come. Apple kept producing devices that consumers loved, enterprise be damned.

Last week out comes an article that says that the Federal Government is relying on Blackberry devices less and less because, among other reasons, employees love their computers/smart phones at home, and hate their ones at work, and are asking for Apple products at work instead. Companies are smart to realize that when they give their employees a choice, they’re happier.

So I guess the moral is that if you stick to what you believe in, eventually others will change.

by Patrick Miranda Brand Futurist The Republik Sergeant Creative Ops

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The Evolution of Speech

Some good people at the University of Edinburgh have made an understandably logical correlation between physical evolution and the theoretical evolution of linguistics.

I decided to throw a couple of long college words in there to prove that this is indeed going on. Heck, twenty-five years ago, I was unable to use “theoretical” and “correlation” in the same sentence. I think there is merit to their studies. The interesting thing is that over time, these Shakespearian scientists should be able to predict how languages will evolve noting the patterns of its verbose past. Darwin would be proud, but then again, no one could tell him as we would be speaking English 4.5 by that time.

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Now does this mean writing will evolve? Explain.

by Mike Randall Brand Futurist The Republik Captain Strategic Ops

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Studies show that keeping fit keeps business healthy. More and more companies are implementing health-savvy regimens for the benefit of their employees and their bottom lines. According to a national survey, companies with effective health and productivity programs demonstrate superior financial performance – up to 20% more revenue per employee, notwithstanding lower health care costs.

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“I feel tons better now that I can kick sand in yo’ face.”

by David Avis Brand Futurist The Republik Corporal Creative Ops

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San Francisco’s Transbay terminal gets green light. The eco-friendly design will house the city’s transit system, a 5 ½ acre park, communal areas, retail space and graceful glass towers and spires.

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“The architectural renderings are impressive yet perplexing… I say that’s a lot-o-glass for a city sittin’ pretty on the San Andreas fault.

by Jacqueline Stevenson Brand Futurist The Republik Corporal Strategic Ops

Photo Credit: Transbay Transit Center – Pelli Clarke | Pelli Architects