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GM introduced its Volt, an extended-range electric car. The company hopes the Volt will become the first mass-produced, plug-in electric car in 2010.

Unlike a regular gasoline car engine, the Volt’s 1.4 liter won’t be connected to the wheels. Instead, it will power a generator to make electricity for the car’s motor.

“A step in the right direction?
Remains to be seen.

There was a 100% electric car 12 years ago. And where are they now? Probably used for steel in hummers.”

by Brady Bone Brand Futurist The Republik Captain Creative Ops

Photo Credit: © General Motors


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  1. dave,

    I saw a story on CNN where GM said it was waiting for battery tehnoogy to catch up before they released the Volt. The last car they relased only had a 40 mile range. With the new Volt, and new batteries, it should have around a 40 mile range.
    They dont even lie good.
    Take the Aveo – delete the power windows and A/C. Put a DC motor on the gearbox, and fill the trunk and under the back seat with batteries.
    Now they have a car they could sell today that would probably have a 50 mile range. Keep it cheap and simple- thats what people want.

    People will change, given the chance. But its hard to find economy in a lot full of Hummers.