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Change or Die™ is the trademarked rallying cry of The Republik™. In 2001, when the entire advertising industry hit an historic low, The Republik opened its doors with an entirely new approach. Located in beautiful, downtown Durham, NC, it has been changing the business of advertising from its very inception.

So why in the world would anyone create a blog dedicated to the general topic of change? After all, there are a million sites already dedicated to specific changes – climate change, political change, policy change, healthcare change, social change, blah, blah, blah. These sites are all well and good but let’s be honest. Anyone can point out what’s wrong with the world. Anyone can raise the alarm. Anyone can worry, complain and opine.

And there’s the rub. While there’s a world of sites and blogs committed to warning and lecturing us to make changes, there’s not a single one celebrating all the positive changes that are happening. There’s not a single blog out there devoted to acknowledging all the ordinary and extraordinary folks who are actually making the world a better place to live.

Here we salute:

The marketers who are making advertising an appreciated art form instead of an intrusive form of pollution.

The scientists, engineers and visionaries who are making us live longer, comfier, happier, cleaner and more productive lives.

The artists who are creating new, surprising and thought-provoking art forms and turning the old forms on their heads.

The teachers who are defying the odds by changing the ways children are taught.

The politicians and economists who are working together to find better, more equitable ways to tax, spend and stimulate prosperity while eradicating poverty.

The uncommon individuals anywhere and everywhere who are making positive changes to the world by bucking the status quo.

Why? Change is necessary to progress and evolve. The alternative is unacceptable. To the agents of change and the wannabes, this site is for you.


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