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Israeli invention allows paraplegics to walk

Argo Medical Technologies in Haifa, Israel has developed a robotic exoskeleton that may give the gift of upright mobility to paraplegics. The brains behind the futuristic mechanical suit Amit Goffer, founder of Argo, was paralyzed himself in a traffic accident. The suit is strapped onto the legs and operated by a control box housed in a backpack worn by the user. At the push of a button, the user can stand up, begin walking while another button allows the user to sit down. Further experiments are planned in Europe and the United States.

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Now if they could get Obama’s cabinet nominees to pay their taxes, they’d be onto something.

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Photo Credit: © Argo Medical Technologies Ltd.


University of South Florida college researchers built a motorized transport for wheelchairs, suitable for off-road adventures, including the beach. The vehicle secures to the user’s wheelchair, enabling a bird’s eye view of once unexplored territory.

“Just because someone’s handicapped, doesn’t mean they can’t experience all that life has to offer. Kudos to the USF team.”

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“Georgia Tech researchers believe a magnetic, tongue-powered system could transform a disabled person’s mouth into a virtual computer, teeth into a keyboard – and tongue into the key that manipulates it all.”

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“Yeah, but can it make my kitty purr.”

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Photo Credit: László Szalai via Wikimedia Commons – Licensed public domain