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I’ve long held the belief that all advertising isn’t competing against other advertising. It’s competing against anything else the consumer would rather be looking at.

Which, in this case, is the rear end of a 5’9″ mini-skirt-wearing Frau.

In a brilliant move, Mercedes tells the story (now that they have our complete undivided attention. At least the men’s) of how they use eye-tracking software to track which parts of an automobile’s exterior catches a test subject’s eye. And, perhaps gratuitously, to see if the software is working, they test it on the rear end of a 5’9″ blonde. And yes, the software is working. Men stare at the woman’s hips first, next her butt, which they say is to test for child-bearing potential.

It’s actually a fascinating video. Mercedes found out that consumers stare at the roofline, headline, taillights, in that order. It’s quite an amusing way to spend 10 minutes with a brand. Also way more interesting than an ad, or TV spot. Mercedes has figured out that in order to get us to think about their brand, they have to fascinate us.

Not interrupt us. View the spot and read more here

by Miles Cartwright Brand Futurist The Republik Sergeant Creative Ops