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David Beals is quoted in the latest edition of Advertising Age referring to recent upsets in the auto-ad business as “unprecedented,” and explaining such volatility as the product of “a category in crisis.”  As the article suggests, crisis demands innovation, and Detroit’s troubles have led to several radical re-brandings, including Cadillac’s most recent effort to reclaim lost ground against luxury sports brands like BMW and Mercedes with the new CTS Coupe.

To be sure, the CTS Coupe is an impressive departure from previous design.  The Journal’s Dan Neil describes it “as the car Frank Gehry and ‘Batman’ animator Bruce Timm would design if their lives depended on it. The [new CTS] looks like it was beamed in from a near future when gangsters are armed with lasers.”

Lasers aside, Cadillac’s decision this week to hire Fallon as the creative agency responsible for marketing the CTS Coupe may signal an even greater departure from old habits than the car’s design.  During its tenure with BMW Fallon produced the widely acclaimed ‘BMW Films,’ and helped the German automaker establish its current identity as a premier luxury brand in the US.  Over the last decade the United States has become BMW’s largest market.

But Cadillac wants its piece of the pie back, and it has finally seemed to acknowledge that it’s not going to get it by clinging to an identity that, for many, lost its luster long ago.  Instead, the company is betting that Fallon can help lead it forward with a marketing strategy that appeals to the same consumers who have driven sales for BMW and Mercedes.

by Francis George Brand Futurist The Republik Commander Creative Ops

Photo Credit: © Cadillac


Why is America’s brand suffering? Mainly because no one’s paying attention to it. We’re like the company you’ve always hated, but you soften up when you find out they’ve given billions to charity. America needs a kick-ass PR firm to remind the world that the reason we’re criticized so much is that we’re held to a higher standard. For example, if regimes in China, the Middle East, or Africa slaughter 10,000 of their own people, the world looks the other way, for it’s expected. If America kills 12 civilians in an accidental bombing raid, we’re universally condemned, and there’s calls to testify in front of a world body. How about, “America. We’ve killed less people in 225 years than many countries do in 3 weeks?”

No matter what anyone says, America is the freest country in the world, with the most opportunity, the highest standard of living, and the highest acceptance of foreigners, bar none. When was the last time you heard of someone wanting to move to France to open a business, or risking their life to escape America? Ask Craig Ferguson. How about, “America. Cubans never push off their make-shift rafts from the South side of the island” or”America. Good luck opening your business in France. ”

We need to remind the world about our standard of living. Our poorest people live better than most middle-class people in other countries. Put it this way – as a whole, our poor people have plenty to eat, have cable TV, own cars, and drive them on well-maintained roads. Their poor people work hard labor 18 hours a day, are hungry, sleep on the ground, poop in an outhouse (if they’re lucky) and have a life expectancy 25 years less than ours.

I suppose we get a bad rap when it comes to wars. Sure, America has interests. When we fight to protect them, we’re condemned. However, other countries are not. (China and Russia, we’re talking to you). America has the kindest, politest foreign policy of any great power in history. Really. America saved the world from the horrific and murderous Italian Fascist, German Nazi, and Soviet totalitarianism regimes. When we do win a war, unlike any other country, we do not annex their territory – we help rebuild it. For example, we destroyed Germany and Japan in World War II, yet spent billions to help rebuild them. North Vietnam’s biggest mistake was winning a war against us, for today, they are a poor impoverished nation. Had we won, we would have helped rebuild and modernize them, and maybe, put in a government friendly to us. Oooh – bad America!!

How about this for a PR campaign – imagine the world without the United States – like the scene in Back to the Future when the nutty professor gets out of a Canadian car. Or we could show the whole world speaking German, living under a socialist regime.

Then again, it might be difficult – I’m doubt if TVs, radios, and the Internet could have been invented under a socialist regime.

by Francis George Brand Futurist The Republik Commander Creative Ops

Photo Credit: Team America: World Police © Paramount Pictures