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In the wake of current US automotive struggles and high gas prices, Detroit may consider ending the life of the Hummer. This iconic muscle-machine rose to popularity from the rich and famous driving it, including Arnold Schwarzenegger, 50 Cent and Shaquille O’Neal. Now these super-suv’s can’t be given away. With automakers begging congress for bailout money, General Motors is being forced to put the Hummer brand under “strategic review.”

“Personally, if they want to continue to make the Hummer the way it is, make the list price $300,000 and then the richie rich can buy it. If they can afford the sticker price, then they can afford the terrible miles-per-gallon in gasoline it takes. Then have that revenue go back to research and development so Detroit can produce a real car that is emission free, has a respectable MPG and isn’t a beast of an eyesore.”

by Ryan Cuthriell Brand Futurist The Republik Lieutenant Creative Ops

Photo Credit: © General Motors