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The Evolution of Speech

Some good people at the University of Edinburgh have made an understandably logical correlation between physical evolution and the theoretical evolution of linguistics.

I decided to throw a couple of long college words in there to prove that this is indeed going on. Heck, twenty-five years ago, I was unable to use “theoretical” and “correlation” in the same sentence. I think there is merit to their studies. The interesting thing is that over time, these Shakespearian scientists should be able to predict how languages will evolve noting the patterns of its verbose past. Darwin would be proud, but then again, no one could tell him as we would be speaking English 4.5 by that time.

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Now does this mean writing will evolve? Explain.

by Mike Randall Brand Futurist The Republik Captain Strategic Ops

Photo Credit: avlxyz via Flickr – Licensed CC-BY-NC-SA