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Dubbed the “green” fireworks because they have been specially designed to cause little to no pollution, the Chinese-made fireworks for the Olympics could be the new standard, lighting up the skies for future celebrations worldwide.

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“That’s great there’s less pollution, but I would love to see the red or blue fireworks.”

by Gerard Blanton Brand Futurist The Republik Corporal Creative Ops

Photo Credit: 东林 via Wikimedia Commons – Licensed CC-BY-NC-SA


Floating cities could one day house climate-impacted refugees. As sea levels continue to rise, visionaries design floating cities able to house up to 50,000 residents each. Go with the flow has taken on a whole new meaning.

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“Although the idea revolves around the annihilation of some of our most important cities, one can never underestimate the impact of sound planning. With artificial mountains and an environment suitable for both humans and nature, the floating city might not be all that weird of an idea. When you think about it, how real is a place like Las Vegas, anyway?”

by Mike Randall Brand Futurist The Republik Captain Strategic Ops

Photo Credit: © Soylent News and Photos


FedEx has developed a reusable shipping envelope much to the approval of environmentalists and tree huggers everywhere.

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Will others follow suit?

“I applaud a giant company like FedEx for taking steps – even if they are small – toward a greener planet. I hope this will lead to other companies follow suit. We all need to take our own small steps in order to help the environment.”

by Ryan Cuthriell Brand Futurist The Republik Lieutenant Creative Ops

Photo Credit: via “The Accidental Environmentalist” Blog