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Studies show that keeping fit keeps business healthy. More and more companies are implementing health-savvy regimens for the benefit of their employees and their bottom lines. According to a national survey, companies with effective health and productivity programs demonstrate superior financial performance – up to 20% more revenue per employee, notwithstanding lower health care costs.

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“I feel tons better now that I can kick sand in yo’ face.”

by David Avis Brand Futurist The Republik Corporal Creative Ops

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Plastic’s producer Nalgene says they will phase out their line of water bottles made with a chemical thought in recent years to pose a health risk to humans. The chemical (known as bisphenol A [BPA]) has long been used by companies worldwide in millions of products including baby bottles, liners of food cans and household goods.

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“Nalgene’s decision to move away from BPA is great. Not only does it show that the company cares about the health of its consumers, but it sets a good example for others that may also be using potentially dangerous chemicals in their products. The decision may urge others in the industry to consider using alternative products as well.”

by Melissa Rivera Brand Futurist The Republik Lieutenant Strategic Ops

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Gamucci is an e-cigarette that “looks, tastes and feels” like a cigarette, but without tobacco and tar, as well as several other toxins.

Nicotine is delivered through a rechargeable device that uses micro-electronic technology to deliver a “true” smoking experience.

“Great. What next?
Disease-free e-needles for heroin addicts?”

by Jacqueline Stevenson Brand Futurist The Republik Corporal Strategic Ops

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