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Alternative medicine meets conventional medicine. The Johns Hopkins Integrative Medicine and Digestive Center, which opened Sept. 2, is the latest indication that alternative medicine is making its mark in mainstream health-care settings.

“Bravo Hopkins. I love this idea – I wish even more health care systems were invested in these unconventional treatments. I’m excited to hear more on the research in upcoming months.”

by Lesley Eberts Brand Futurist The Republik Corporal Strategic Ops

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Studies show that keeping fit keeps business healthy. More and more companies are implementing health-savvy regimens for the benefit of their employees and their bottom lines. According to a national survey, companies with effective health and productivity programs demonstrate superior financial performance – up to 20% more revenue per employee, notwithstanding lower health care costs.

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“I feel tons better now that I can kick sand in yo’ face.”

by David Avis Brand Futurist The Republik Corporal Creative Ops

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