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In efforts to combat flagging luxury car sales, Mercedes has decided to flag a different aspect of their brand: Safety.


What’s next, Volvo’s going to counter their slipping sales with a new campaign featuring their performance?

I suppose their reasoning is that people already know M-B makes great luxury cars, so they wanted to tout something else.

Let me tell you something. The reason everyone knows M-B makes the best luxury cars is because their advertising has reinforced it all these years. Keep this up, and people won’t even know what M-B stands for. Luxury? Safety? Low monthly payments?

Remember, once you have your brand message, don’t depart from it! Even though you’ve spend years hammering it out, and you’re sick of it, the consumer is not. And when you change brand messages, trust me, consumers won’t remember your old one, and your original investment is lost. Does anyone remember McDonald’s tagline before “I’m lovin’ it?” Thank you.

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by Robert Shaw West Brand Futurist The Republik Companies Chairman/CEO

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Mercedes Crash Test for Breast Cancer Campaign – © Mercedes Benz


German automaker Mercedes announced they will cut petrol-fueled cars out of their lineup by 2015 in favor of alternative-powered vehicles, such as electric and bio-diesel.

Read more about that here.

“It’s not surprising to see an automotive leader taking this step given the current environmental concerns. The questions to ask are: What is really the motivation behind this and which brand will next take these same steps in cars for the masses?”

by Sam Knoll Brand Futurist The Republik Commander Analytic Ops