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German scientists have developed what could be a solution to the chemical laden, non-biodegradable and possibly carcinogenic toxin known as….. plastic. Norbert Eisenreich from the Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology in Pfinztal, Germany and his cronies have invented a substance known as Arboform, or to us right brained folks – liquid wood. Without getting knee deep in chemistry, the substance is a mixture of paper waste (real wood – lignin) and other natural goodies to create a granulate material that can be melted and molded.

“The final product can resemble highly polished wood or have a more matted finish and look like the plastic used in most household items.”

Aside from having less harmful chemicals, it is also quite biodegradeable and recyclable.

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“We are one step closer from actually being able to send our kids to school with legos to play with and legos for lunch.”

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Plastic’s producer Nalgene says they will phase out their line of water bottles made with a chemical thought in recent years to pose a health risk to humans. The chemical (known as bisphenol A [BPA]) has long been used by companies worldwide in millions of products including baby bottles, liners of food cans and household goods.

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“Nalgene’s decision to move away from BPA is great. Not only does it show that the company cares about the health of its consumers, but it sets a good example for others that may also be using potentially dangerous chemicals in their products. The decision may urge others in the industry to consider using alternative products as well.”

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