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Israeli invention allows paraplegics to walk

Argo Medical Technologies in Haifa, Israel has developed a robotic exoskeleton that may give the gift of upright mobility to paraplegics. The brains behind the futuristic mechanical suit Amit Goffer, founder of Argo, was paralyzed himself in a traffic accident. The suit is strapped onto the legs and operated by a control box housed in a backpack worn by the user. At the push of a button, the user can stand up, begin walking while another button allows the user to sit down. Further experiments are planned in Europe and the United States.

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Now if they could get Obama’s cabinet nominees to pay their taxes, they’d be onto something.

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Photo Credit: © Argo Medical Technologies Ltd.


Researchers at the University of Reading in England have developed a robot that runs solely on rat brains. Primarily, the scientists hope their work will help neuro researchers in their quest to understand, identify and combat certain types of degenerative brain diseases and damage. On a creepy/cool note: be sure to check out the footage of the rat robot navigating a maze with predictable rat behavior.

“Next thing you know rat robots will be making ads… now that’s progress.”

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