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Between my social media feeds and my in box there is no shortage of options.

So here is my filter. What should I read today that may make me better at what I do? That may make me understand your point of view? Or that may just be interesting to me? I really don’t want your reading list any more than I want your grocery list. So before you retweet the same article as 50 others stop to consider the value you are adding. Chances are I already read it. And so did most others. If you have a point-of-view, let me here it. If an article supports it, tell me how. Be relevant. Reward me for my effort. Make my life better. And I will try to do the same. Now what should I read today? Over.

by Dwayne Fry Brand Futurist The Republik Commander Strategic Ops


Stop the press. Hold the elevator.

No one move. I just read an article about how marketers could best connect with my generation this summer, and, wait for it…, “social media” was only mentioned once. No, really, only once.

In an AdAge article last month, Charlie Horsey, President-CEO of MKTG, ventures to describe a method for engaging Gen-Yers in ways other than following a company on Twitter or “liking” them on Facebook. Sorry, Mark. And I, for one, am elated that someone finally gets it. I assure you, not all of us spend our days connected to Facebook like paparazzi to Lady Gaga (what’s left of her, at least).

At more than 60 million strong, we’ve earned the reputation for wanting to discover products ourselves and to make buying decisions on our own, which Horsey purports is marketers’ biggest challenge to overcome. However, a connection with my generation can be made, and once a brand is on our radar, we’ll be loyal to it for some time to come.

Read the article to find out exactly which four ways are recommended for making the critical connection to the Gen Y consumer.

by Chris Barbee Brand Futurist The Republik Corporal Strategic Ops

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