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You’ll be happy to know that as of March 2008, toddlers can no longer marry in the state of Arkansas. A change for the better, I’d say. The law that mistakenly allowed anyone – even rugrats – to marry with parental permission was repealed by a measure signed into law in March of this year by Governor Mike Beebe, ending months of embarrassment for the state and confusion for county clerks.

Now that the Arkansas’ marriage-age crisis is over, it’s time to turn our attention to other states and the laws that make them great (or not so great).

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In Alabama, incestuous marriages are legal. However, wearing a fake mustache in church to illicit laughter is illegal (and punishable by law).

In Arizona, it is legal for a man to beat his wife. But it is illegal to beat her more than once a month. (“Wendy, I’m home!”)

In the “old colony” state of Massachusetts, it is illegal to hunt on Sundays. However, it is legal to carry a rifle to church on Sunday. (Go ahead Heathen, make my day.)

In Illinois, it is legal for young women to protest naked in front of city hall as long as they are under 17 years of age and have legal permits. It is illegal, however, for women over 200 pounds (90 kilos) to ride horses in shorts. (a.k.a “The Lady Godiva must lay off the Godivas Law.” For shame Illinois.)

In Michigan, any person over the age of 12 may have a license for a handgun as long as he/she has not been convicted of a felony. However, it is illegal for a woman to cut her own hair without her husband’s permission.

In the Big Apple, the New York City Transit Authority has ruled that women can ride the city subways topless. It is illegal, however, for women to sit on a subway bench topless and smoke a cigarette. (Smoking is not allowed in the subways.)

If a police officer approaches a vehicle in Idaho and suspects that the occupants are engaging in sex, he must either honk or flash his lights and wait for three minutes before approaching the car. (Now this law, I like. Good show Idaho!)

There are countless stupid laws on the books (and some pretty controversial ones, as well, i.e. women’s reproductive rights for starters). Check out your state. If you see one you don’t like, write to your legislator and give him/her an earful. Enlist your friends, your neighbors, your town. Who knows, maybe you can effect some change – for the better.

by Jacqueline Stevenson Brand Futurist The Republik Corporal Strategic Ops