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Last week RPK took an afternoon to tour the newest addition of the remodeled North Carolina Museum of Art. The sleek aluminum exterior is surrounded with sculptures, fountains and seating areas. Upon entering the brightly lit and clean white foyer, I almost thought I’d walked back into RPK.

I came to my senses, sort of, when I saw a massive, glowing man sitting sideways on the back wall, hugging his knees. To my right was a huge projector screen with a magical tree blowing back and forth with sparkling branches.

A couple favorite pieces to mention: a modern day twist of the Mona Lisa, upside down and  made of spools of thread. In front her was a glass ball that revealed the piece right side up within (Devorah Sperber, After the Mona Lisa 2).

In an enormous, neon yellow canvas patched with discarded items and fabric, El Anatsui expresses his Ghanian heritage in Lines That Link Humanity.

Designed by New York-based architects Thomas Phifer and Partners, the new addition showcases more than 5,000 pieces from antiquity to present day. The visit was a treat and inspired our creative minds.

by Dave Avis Brand Futurist The Republik Sergeant Creative Ops

Photo Credit: © NCMA Contemporaries
Art by: Devorah Sperber